Special Workshop: When Love Does not Work

Mon, Oct 27th, 7:15 pm onwards @ Building 56-162. Free Yoga @ 6:15 pm and veggie dinner served after the discussion @ 8:00 pm More »


Yoga 24x7 is a principle-driven approach to life based on the renowned Bhagavad-Gita. It is an alternative to our current materialistic way of life driven by DATA, RIGHTS and MONEY. More »

Need, Mission and Call for Change!

Modern civilization has made tremendous progress through unprecedented advancements in science and technology. MIT has been at the forefront. Paradoxically, well-being or happiness, the prime objective of human endeavor, has become increasingly elusive and unsubstantial. More »

The 24 Principles

The 24 principles are universal and axiomatic truths and potencies encoded within an individual-s consciousness and body (genes), and are found in their complete form in the Bhagavad-Gita. More »

The 7 Practices

The twenty-four principles come to life through the 7 practices that are meant to be performed daily or regularly. More »


We welcome one and all to our weekly and special events including seminars, workshops, cooking classes and more! Join us on a journey of self discovery! More »


The Debilitating Effects of Wealth

In the earning, attainment, increase, protection, expense, loss and enjoyment of wealth, all human beings experience great labor, fear, anxiety and delusion.

- From the ancient spiritual classic, Srimad Bhagavatam




Happiness is not something OUT THERE that is to be COVETED but a treasure WITHIN that is to be UNCOVERED!


The Fall Query

The Fall Query

Newton asked an important question “why did that apple fall from the tree?” – the ancient sages of India, curious about the subtler laws of nature asked “why did the other apples not fall?” and more importantly, they asked “why …

The Purpose of Difficulties

Purpose of Difficulties

Difficulties are simply opportunities for growth – they have no other purpose – it’s a question of how we perceive them, respond to them and what we learn from them; a materialist sees them as hindrance to his sense gratification, …



Anger is a unique weapon that’s directed at another but destroys oneself!


The Inner Demons

Inner demons

The negative thoughts we have are only as strong as we invest energy in them…the more we meditate, the more we fight, the more we hate, these inner demons will only become bigger and stronger, and eager to consume us!…

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